What better way to kick off Summer in the Pacific Northwest than a big plate of fresh veggies?  The beginning of the season of abundance!  The time of year when all of our farmer friends stop sleeping for months on end.  Why? Vegetables!  Yes, "primavera" refers to spring, but our growing season differs slightly from Italy's.  We received today the year's first load of squashes and zucchini from Persephone and Broken Ground Farms, as well as broccoli from Full Tilth, and Walla Walla spring onions from Around the Table.  The plan is to blanche, then lightly sautée everything with some garlic, deglaze with a white wine, add a splash of cream to hold the sauce together, salt, pepper, then toss in some fresh tagliatelle.  Once it hits the plate, a chiffonade of basil and that's it.  June on a plate.  Let the veggies speak for themselves, just don't mess 'em up.


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